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February 01 2018




she deserves better


kesha at the grammys

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anyone: says the words “heavy rain”

me, internally: (x) SHAUN!

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Tokyo, Japan

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‪Art by Bob Layzell. From Spacewreck: Ghostships and Derelicts of Space by Stewart Cowley, 1979‬ #boblayzell #scifiart #1979

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sex sells

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My last photo of the night. Hope everyone got to see the Super Blue Blood Moon!


a thing i only recently realized i knew abt character design that isnt just common sense apparently:

do not start ur character design by doing a full, refined turnaround/model sheet.

like. everyone in my childrens book il class is fuckin doing this even though most of them are illustration majors and its a huge mistake (our prof literally warned them against this, and YET)

any time you design a character, start by not caring. by just doing what feels right. dont settle on the first thing; play around. and then draw your character a shitload of times before u start a ref sheet

dont finish anything, just. do super fast sketches of them over and over and over. fill up a page or two. as you draw them theyll evolve. that will happen whether your sketch it out at the beginning or jump right into a final draft, and lemme tell u, u do NOT want ur character evolving and changing AFTER ur final draft. u want to get that out of the way early so u can get a decently consistent finished product

then when you go to do your model sheet you will already be able to keep your character on model without it bc youve drawn them a shitload of times. then it wont be “struggling to draw the character the same every time” itll just be “this is what the character looks like and i could draw them with my eyes closed bc of muscle memory”

dont just jump in and be like “shit i gotta have this full complex polished thing right out of the gate!” like. in the beginning, Do Not Work Hard. play. play a lot. and THEN do a refined drawing. your refined drawing will look way better, too, bc by then youll be completely comfortable with your design

its just a super bad idea to present a character as “heres a ref sheet” as soon as you have a concept. your concept will evolve and u have to let it, or else ur designs will look rushed/bad and your drawing will looks stiff and uncomfortable bc u can only draw ur character at a ¾ths view in a particular pose bc youve drawn them twice in ur entire life

January 31 2018

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Winnie’s seen some shit



brunch is gay culture because none of us are awake before 10 am

except farm gays. these are the most powerful gays and I dare not fuck with them

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onion magic

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Art trade with @metriccaboose! I hope it looks nice! :v

Zoe © @metriccaboose
do not copy/use/repost

Oof, now that’s cute dude! I’ll be sure to get along to my part in the coming days. uwu

Why are you guys just standing there like that? Does it not bother you to have explosive footballs thrown at you?
— Pat (via tbfp-ooc)
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Rocket Raccoon & Baby Groot by Brian Kesinger

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Astronomical phenomenon by: Cathy Loves the Skies



I just came to the realization that the Lego Batman movie is the only Batman movie to ever have Bruce acknowledge his grief over his parents and have the theme of Bruce finding a family (and becoming a parent himself)  helping him heal.

Like wow, no other movie wanted to explore Bruce healing and becoming a better crime fighter? Not one of them?

Like this is the reason they don’t let the robins in the Batman movies, they don’t want to explore Bruce healing or even relapsing by losing Jason and healing again by reconnecting with his eldest son and meeting Tim because fan boys think Bruce’s trauma and pain are his only reasons to fight crime and that really means they are the ones who don’t understand Batman.

So yeah that’s why I consider the silly, light hearted Lego Batman as the greatest Batman movie. It understands there is more to Batman then his angst and by not acknowledging Bruce’s recovery or his love of people, Bruce is one note and boring (something they make fun of at the beginning of the movie).

i ghostwrote this post.

Get you a freak that


Genuinely loves and cares about you and your mental health.

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