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November 14 2017

relatable deaths from ancient times


  • chrysippus: died laughing at his own joke
  • zeuxis: died laughing at his own art
  • aeschylus: stayed outside in his old age to avoid a prophecy that he would die from having something fall on his head, died when an eagle thought his bald head was a rock and dropped a turtle on him to break its shell
  • plato: partied too hard
  • empedocles: jumped into a volcano to prove that he was immortal
  • philitas of cos: was such an incredible pedant that he wasted away while studying erroneous word usage
  • saint lawrence: roasted alive during christian persecution under valerian, joked that he was done on one side and needed to be flipped over
  • didius julianus: purchased the roman empire in an auction, ruled for 9 weeks, executed for being ineffective leader
  • petronius arbiter: sentenced to death by nero, opened his veins while enjoying a sumptuous dinner party, edited his will to list all of the reasons he hated nero
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Rocket Raccoon - by Matt Thorup

3D sculpt for Disney Infinity 2.0



Since I’m about to leave, I was given a tentmate the other day. On top of loudly playing GTA V at ungodly hours, he likes to masturbate before he goes to sleep, which is usually when I’m trying to sleep about a foot away from him. After three months of keeping this trench-tent clean, I’m now hesitant to touch anything in here (thank G-d I put all of my stuff outside the tent once I was finished packing).

I’ve thought up a plan to deal with the masturbating tonight. I’m going to get up, look him in the eye; and do a haka while shouting at the top of my lungs.

Should I do Peruperu or Whakatu Waewae?


I don’t know if panic ejaculation is a thing or if I had bad timing, but


me: [taking a piss in my own house like normal]

my anxiety: “what if someone slipped you hallucinogenic drugs and you’re actually in walmart right now pissing in the middle of the store?” 

me: “…we’ll confront that problem when we come to it”













I haven’t seen anything on about this here so

“In 2016 Chinese officials confirmed they had lost control of the space station and it would crash to Earth in 2017 or 2018. China’s space agency has since notified the UN that it expects Tiangong-1 to come down between October 2017 and April 2018.

Since then the station’s orbit has been steadily decaying. In recent weeks it has dipped into more dense reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and started falling faster.”



If you’re wondering where it will crash

The ESA predicted that fragments could fall over any spot within 43ºN and 43ºS, latitudes which encompass major Asian cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore and New Delhi. 

The Middle East, the African continent, parts of Europe such as Spain and Italy as well as American cities like San Francisco, New York and Miami are also within the latitude range.

The space agency explained that it is not possible to provide more precise landing locations. 

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/chinese-space-station-tiangong-1-could-crash-into-earth-early-9394512

I feel like this would be an important post to reblog lol

“wheres it gonna land”
“haha honestly? we have uhhhhhhhhh not a fukken clue my dude. please dont ask again”

this is the vaguest prediction ever

one and a half degrees north of the impact zone

Out-Of-Control Chinese Space Station Please Annihilate My Ass

godspeed you! killer chinese space station 

1.8° above the top of the prediction

I’m going to be that one unlucky bastard who gets hit by it, I can feel it

Most of the craft will burn upon re-entry, you have to be really unlucky to get hit by it man.

death by space station

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Everyone go home.

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10:30 me: let’s do a quick squid sketch
11:30 me: …what just happened

Reposted bymuertoloca-blueberry

November 13 2017




me: why the fuck am i not walking?!

the chat: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwadswwwwww

didn’t realize the context for this was video games at first and thought it was a lot funnier without it

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Speed beats

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Some recent sketches. Asha and Masque.


how do draw good

  • fill 14 sketch book
  • bad stuff is good stuff bc you made stuff
  • do you like sparkle???? draw sparkle
  • draw what make your heart do the smiley emote
  • member to drink lotsa agua or else bad time
  • d ont stress friend all is well
  • your art is hot like potato crisps
  • don’t let anyone piss on your good mood amigo
  • if they do
  • eat
  • them
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Page 28! Finally out! Hooray! I apologize again for the delay on this one - I had some issues getting locked out of my Patreon, but it is all resolved now.

Also, I would like to give a big shout out to @dragonking737-translator who is working hard to translate Trash Knight for a Russian-speaking audience! That can be found at: https://acomics.ru/~TrashKnight/

0419 1684
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thank you to all the artists who participated! I had a wonderful time working with everyone on this zine, please check out the link to download the zine and view all the hard work and love put into this project. 

I was planning on making some sort of cover page, but I realized this would be better than a simple cover page. I poured alot of effort into this since everyone else in the zine worked their hardest as well ;v; 

if you like the work you see within this zine, make sure to support the artists, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it! 

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one bold kobold

[commission for nilbold on twitter]

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